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100 V Mixer-Amplifier

  The amplifier or power amplifier is the device responsible for amplifying the signal that the mixer delivers so that it can sound through our speakers. Amplifiers for distributed, hight impedance or 100 V lines are a "special" type of amplifiers for high impedance speakers, as they are usually the loudspeaker ceiling speakers. We always have to choose the right amplifier for the speakers that we are going to connect it to.

  For example, in distributed lines the speakers are all connected in parallel, if we choose 10 speakers of 15 W each at 100 V, we must use a power amplifier that is capable of delivering at least 150 W on the line of 100 V, although it is always advisable to leave a margin of tolerance of 10-20%.

  In this case, the power amplifier has an integrated mixer or preamp, so you don't need another one.

  As always, do not hesitate to contact us for advice on your needs.

100 V Mixer-Amplifier

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